Booty Luv

Genre House, dance, female vocalists, electronic, pop

Booty Luv also known as Cherise & Nadia are a London, UK funky house group (formed in June 2006, via the Hed Kandi label), fronted by two rnb vocalists, Cherise Roberts (aka Cherise) & Nadia Shepherd, both of whom were in, hip-hop band, Big Brovaz. Their début album peaked at #11, in the UK Album Chart, & has spawned four UK hits.

Booty Luv was created during early recordings of Big Brovaz' Re-Entry album when music executives offered Cherise and Nadia the chance to record and promote a new version of R&B/soul singer Tweet's club hit "Boogie 2nite". Following the poor sales of early singles from Re-Entry in mid-2006, the girls accepted the offer and began recording their new version of the song, initially only as a promotional track for the record label Hed Kandi. Six months later in December, however, Booty Luv's version of "Boogie 2nite" was decided to be released as an actual single in the UK and mainland Europe following positive reviews from club DJs on the dance scene.
In 2007, after taking several months to record their debut album, Booty Luv released the follow-up single "Shine", a cover of the Luther Vandross song on the 14 May. It was well received by radio and added to the A-List on BBC Radio 1, peaking at #17 on the UK Airplay Chart. In its first week of release, "Shine", entered the UK Singles Chart at #25 on downloads alone, and became the groups second top ten single the following week when it jumped 15 places to #10 following its physical release, spending an eventual seven weeks inside the UK Top 40.

Their debut album Boogie 2nite was released 17 September 2007, one week after third single Don't Mess With My Man (a cover of a Lucy Pearl song) made the UK Top 20 at #11. The album features the three hit singles "Boogie 2nite", "Shine" and "Don't Mess with My Man", a new cover as well as five original songs, including the latest UK Top 20 hit Some Kinda Rush. The album is co-written by Booty Luv and two co-writers. On 24 September 2007, Boogie 2nite entered the UK Albums Chart at a respectable #11 and just missed the top twenty the next week, falling to #26.
The fourth single to be released from the album was Some Kinda Rush, the first original release by the group. On the week commencing 28 November 2007, the song had a surge in download sales solely from the album following the songs early promotion, when it entered the UK Top 100 at #93, four weeks before its official download release. It continued to hold inside the UK Top 100 before becoming Booty Luv's fourth consecutive UK Top 20 hit when it rose to #19 following its combined physical and download sales. On the week commencing 28 January 2008, the single outlasted Don't Mess With My Man in the UK Top 40 despite its lower peak, with Some Kinda Rush so far spending seven weeks on the chart, and Don't Mess With My Man spending only four.

Their debut album Boogie 2nite also experienced a resurgence into the UK Top 100 following the success of Some Kinda Rush. It re-entered the UK Top 100 Albums at #96, before climbing as high as #87. The album has so far spent four weeks inside the UK Top 100 following the release of Some Kinda Rush, and eight weeks in total.

Nadia and Cherise have recently confirmed in an interview with Digital Spy that they plan to work on their second album some time in 2008. They also mentioned that they are talking about future plans with Hed Kandi and didn't want the next album to feature any cover versions, but for the album to contain only original songs.

According to latest news, Cherise and Nadia have been signed to the Industry Sound record label and will release a brand new single entitled "This Night" with the release date expected to be sometime in September 2011. The video for the release is now available to view on youtube. At this point in time, it is unclear as to whether the single will be released under the Booty Luv alias or whether the act has now changed its name to Cherise and Nadia.


Top Tracks

Some Kinda Rush 1

Some Kinda Rush

Boogie 2Nite 2

Boogie 2Nite

Boogie 2Nite (Seamus Haji Big Love Remix) 3

Boogie 2Nite (Seamus Haji Big Love Remix)

Shine 4


Don't Mess With My Man 5

Don't Mess With My Man

Boogie 2Nite (Seamus Haji Big Love Edit) 6

Boogie 2Nite (Seamus Haji Big Love Edit)

Some Kinda Rush (Club Mix) 7

Some Kinda Rush (Club Mix)

Say It (Nero Remix) 8

Say It (Nero Remix)

Some Kinda Rush (dub mix) 9

Some Kinda Rush (dub mix)

Say It 10

Say It

Top Albums

Boogie 2Nite
Boogie 2Nite
Some Kinda Rush
Some Kinda Rush


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